Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Workout Playlist

DID YOU KNOW?  Food Fact for today :-) Studies suggest that foods high in sodium, beverages high in sugar, and processed foods with a high calorie density and low nutrient density don't trigger our appetite sensors to signal fullness or satiety. Kinda scary, right? It's so important to have a diet rich in clean, whole foods that send the right signals at the right time.

I did some quick calculations and realized my nutrition intake was slipping a bit, so I'm back to using to keep an eye on my numbers. You'll see today's ratios so far (sans-dinner, as I haven't had it yet) on my cooler page. No gym today, used the time instead to get in some needed study/research. On that note, I've got some fun stuff heading this way soon. I'm really excited about it, and can't wait to share with you :-)

Today I'm working on (in addition to my actual work, lol) a new playlist or two for September. I'll be posting that/those shortly. 

I read a quote today in regard to the 80% theory. You may be familiar with the concept of 80/10/10... that nutrition is 80% responsible for what your body looks like, 10% is exercise, and 10% is genetics. While this concept is not unique to Tosca's Eat Clean Diet (indeed, it's been around since the beginning of body-building!), it is becoming more well-known. The statement I read today addresses this: 

"Indeed, although you'll hear people estimating that body composition results are 80% diet [and the rest made up of exercise and genetics], I don't like such estimations. Both are so important independently that I'd suggest the following.  Exercise is 100% necessary just as nutrition is also 100% necessary.  Without both, reaching the upper limits of performance and body change is nearly impossible."
Happy Wednesday!

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