Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's Food Profile

Yesterday only got crazier, though I did forget to mention I did an arm balance in yoga yesterday morning! Woohoo! Ok, it was a baby arm balance, but I got my feet off the ground! I didn't look as graceful as she does (in the picture), but it happened! :-) 

This morning I hit the gym and got my upper body workout done, then 20 minutes on the stairs (steady-state). This week I've had to revert back to my knee sleeve, instead of my IT band. $%^#@&!! I have an appt on Friday morning with the knee-Doc. And you guessed it, I am not a happy camper about it. #$%@&!! Tab has advised me to see the Doc (Read: slapping me upside the head until I get it), because while I feel no pain in the knee, there is an odd floaty sensation, along with tingles and numbness... oh, and did I mention that the kneecap is actually shifting? My (hard-headed, dumb-ass, all-or-nothing) perspective was that if there's no pain, then I can keep pushing forward. Tab's (oddly contrary to mine) is that if it doesn't feel "right" there is something wrong, and if there is no pain, accompanied by numbness and tinglies, there is a strong chance of nerve damage/pinch. Hence the appt friday. Oy. I am just not even going to think about it, as even the hint that this might derail me from my goal makes me want to throw a tantrum. So... moving on.

Food today, while clean & whole, is short some fat & calories. I'm heading to Whole Foods soon to pick up more lunch meat for the boys, and while I'm there I'll look for something to boost my intake, as well as maybe something portable for dinner tonight at the bowling alley. I'm currently only at 1377 calories (without dinner), and though I've already hit my fiber intake (38 g), my other levels are 44% protein (152 g), 36% carb (127 g), and only 20% fat (30.6 g). I need to tip that balance back in favor of fat, and bump up to at least 1800 calories. I'm thinking of picking up some cheese at WF for Snack 2, and an avocado & cherry tomatoes for a salad with dinner... we'll see what they've got that looks good. I also don't want to just dump a ton of fat into one meal, healthy or not, I need to spread it out.

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