Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweaking the Nutrient Ratios, Ignoring my Inner Fat Girl

Total geek moment. Look what I found on one of my favorite blogs... I so very much want one! :-)

9:00 am. Last night I did make it to the gym again. 50 minutes of cardio - 15 on the elliptical, 15 treadmill, 20 stairs. I seriously was unmotivated to go, so I bribed myself (and mentally beat myself) with a piece of Godiva if I actually went... so I did, then after dinner, I was completely not in the mood for chocolate. How sucky is that? So not only did I bust my butt for 50 minutes (plus yoga earlier!), but then there really was no reward :-( Maybe that means I can have it tonight? lol.  Knowing I'd be doing weights this morning (before food), I added a small (tiny) baked potato to my dinner. This morning I did upper body & abs, then came home and had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast & a banana.
I have to say, the 33/33/33 food ratios I generally have dialed in. This tweaking? Not so much! I'm annoyed. My total calorie count yesterday 1968 calories. 37% protein, 32% carb, and only 31% fat. 184.5 g of protein, 161.3 g of carbs, and 67.2 g of fat. Not what I was aiming for, though I did manage to get in 36.7 g of fiber.


Dagnabbit. I hate panicking. I just saw those calories yesterday hit nearly 2,000 and I freaked. The fat chick is still in my head! WTH? That was dumb. Let me pause and take a look at the simple science here... my RMR (resting metabolic rate) is around 1350 calories. That's what my body burns just to function, at rest. Yesterday, I did yoga (not the sit and breathe kind, lol, the kick your ass kind), then later I also did 50 minutes of cardio. Just a guesstimate, I probably burned around 700 calories (250 yoga, 450 cardio). So add 1350 plus 700 = 2050. In addition, I have post-activity increased burn (when you exercise, your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated level for up to several hours after) X 2 exercise sessions, plus movement during the day, digestive activity (more caloric burn).... now it's clear. I'm still at a deficit (lower intake than output). Geeze. I really hate when the fat chick panics. She's in the back of my head screaming "keep it to 1200 calories!"  Now, the rest of me knows better. I drop to 1200 and I'm gonna screw up my metabolism... that will hurt me, not help me.

Ok, so I'm still getting a tic in my eye when I see my intake yesterday, but I'm sucking it up and moving on. (tic, tic, tic). I'm going to focus on those ratios and keep my calories high(er).

On that note, now that I am calm again, I just found a handy online tool...

I plug in where I want my daily calories (shut up, fat-girl-in-my-head!), choose the type of diet (I picked low-carb because my experiment is to have lower carbs and higher fat), choose the # of meals per day (5 for me) and looky-there! It magically pops out my ratios, right down to the gram count! Oh yeah, frustration be gone, I have a new gadget!  :-) 

I'm off to play with ratios....    :-)

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