Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whole Foods for Lunch

Have I mentioned my upcoming spa day? How did I forget that?? Check this out... I do all the web-work, hosting, email, print design/graphics, etc for my hubby's company. It's true free-lance because it's, well, ha ha -  free. Lol.  With the new partnership and company reorganization, new products, etc... it's been a lot of work, and a lot of time, and will continue to be demanding over the next week or so as we roll out new print marketing and update the websites. Well, the guys got together and got me a gift certificate to a local day spa! I get a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure! Yes, I cried. :-) It's something I've always wanted to do, but would/could never justify spending that kind of money on something so frivolously luxurious... I can't wait! I just booked my appointment for next Saturday and have blocked out a 3 hour period of my day for this, per the nice lady on the phone. How amazing is this??? Seriously! I'm going to a swanky Old Town Scottsdale Spa! Ha!  :-)  Wooohoo!  Thank you, FlexGround boys! :-)

Lunch! Ran over to Whole Foods for the salad bar ($5.99/lb on Wednesdays!). One word to describe me at the Salad Bar... GREEDY! :-) Little of this, little of that, little of that, too... serious yummage! I've layered kale, spinach, cabbage, beets, green onion, tomato, cucumber, black beans, peppers, quinoa, broccoli, cottage cheese and chicken. Most tasty! :-)

Crazy morning! I've been a bit pisky-mazed all morning. My cooler is light (no lunch), but my snacks are all good and breakfast was excellent, though outside the box, lol. Last night's dinner (crustless quiche) was amazing! I've posted the recipe if anyone wants to try it. No gym this morning, but I'll be heading there after work :-) Hopefully my brain will re-engage shortly. 

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