Monday, September 27, 2010

Zumba Adventures

I'm back! :-) I spent the weekend offline... so much catching up to do, and yes, that includes Zumba!

Homecoming... the girls looked lovely (of course, lol).  Click to view the photos.

Friday and Saturday I went on a baking spree. I stocked up on great whole grain flours and supplies and turned out 2 loaves of banana bread, 2 loaves of honey-wheat bread, 2 loaves of seeded-wheat bread (abso-amazing!), and a batch of the most incredible soft pretzels. Everything was chock full of fabulous whole & clean ingredients, and incredibly tasty. While I only had nibbles, I can attest, that it was incredible. This morning there's only a nub of banana bread left, a ton of pretzels (the recipe made a ton to begin with, but they're best fresh from the oven), 1 loaf of honey-wheat, and a little less than a loaf of the seeded bread (which I used for the guys' sandwiches and my toast).

I had forgotten how much I enjoy making bread from scratch until I'd recently begun making cinnamon rolls for the kids (yep, those are "clean", too, though definitely on the treat side of the scale). I had the greatest time mixing dough, kneading, and baking. The house smelled like heaven all weekend. :-)  The family all laughed at me that I was baking up a storm, but not eating it.  I had lots of fun  J

Remember when I said I was NOT going to weigh this weekend? Remember when I insisted I was NOT going to weigh this weekend? Yeah, I weighed. I was sure I'd be up a few lbs, having increased water, fiber, caloric intake and exercise. I've felt so bloated this whole week! Ugh. Imagine my shock and awe when I weighed in 1.5 lbs lighter and down 3% body fat. !!!!????!!!! Now, I know it's probably water weight (water flushes water), but still.... and 3%? That's huge? It's gotta be a fluke, but it sure made me feel better! This week I'm hitting it again, here I come week 2!

We've had a full house all weekend, between homecoming preparations & followup, and Joey staying with us (along with Winchester the puppy). Lots of fun :-)  Joey's been working for FlexGround on a few jobs, which require uber-early starts with Bill, so Joey and Winchester have been staying over (which I love). However this morning when I left for work, being the last in the house, I was in charge of crating Winchester. I'm telling you, I felt like the world's meanest person putting that sweet puppy in that crate. I still feel guilty! I think I'll run home in a bit and let him run around.

So Zumba. I bet you're wondering how the klutz (that would be me) did in the class. Well, pull up a chair, my friend, I'm about to share the story...

6:25pm... The three of us arrive, nervous but ready for a new adventure (well the other two were ready for a new adventure, I tried to run away but Tab caught me and hauled my ass back). The doors open and attendees enter the room, we stake out our territory - yes, the back of the class. Folks are chatting, stretching, and then the instructor begins to outline a few of the moves we'll be using in the first song (a woman of great perception, she recognized that we were new and might need a few tips)... this is when I make my second run for the door. Damn! Foiled again. That Tab, she's quick!

Music begins. Feet tap. Arms sway. Hips.... bounce??? Really?! How do they do that?! We three are laughing as we try desperately to catch on and keep up. Tab and Erin are doing great; I figure as long as I'm moving that's half the battle, and move I do! Holy cow! Then, it sped up! Lightning fast, transitioning from a 3-step to a slide to some kind of hip gyration... at one point I'm just focusing on facing the right direction, rather than the actual step. Tab leans over and whispers, "It'll be easier if you just pick one... either do the arm movement or the steps." Yep, she was right! My stress level went down significantly (lol), and while my coordination didn't improve, at least it wasn't as bad.

We were the only newbies in the class, but (unfortunately for the woman to my left) not the only ones in the back row. I'm having so much fun and choose to ignore her panic whenever my bouncing-bumbling steps lead me her way. (And really, she was a regular and would have seen at a glance I was new - she could have chosen a different row. I feel no pity.) Swaying, Swooshing, Tapping, and Gyrating, the class moved through various songs.  We laughed, we danced (ok, they danced, I bounced), we lost our breath and begged for water (ok, that was just me, too). It was a blast!

While it might be a little intimidating (FINE! a LOT intimidating), it truly was fun, and more so being with friends. I'm very much looking forward to the next class.  

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