Monday, October 25, 2010

40th Birthday & 2-Year Weight Maintenance Anniversary!

Woohoo!!! This weekend saw two major events for me... my 40th birthday and my two-year anniversary of maintaining my goal weight!  My birthday was fun, had a surprise party and ice cream cake :-) And much, too much rum. My recovery the next day included tending to some bruises, as when I consume too much rum I believe I am a UFC fighter and rumble. LOL. For the record, I AM NOT A UFC FIGHTER. Lol! And I should really stay away from the rum! Prior to my ill-advised rum-scapades, I had a fun time shopping at my favorite consignment shop, My Sister's Closet. I even found a pair of palazzo pants! I've been looking for those ever since I hit goal weight and had to give away my old pair! Yay! These pants are fabulous since they completely hide my twin-beasts (knee braces). Now if I could just figure out how to make them stop creaking when I walk. Lol!

I'll have Bill take a photo asap, to get that up on my home page. I am thrilled to have maintained my weight for 2 years, and look forward to maintaining it for the rest of my life. I love this lifestyle!

These beautiful roses were from my folks in Sacramento  :-)Aren't they gorgeous? And they smell as good as they look!

Food is good, I am planning to reduce my calories though, to compensate for any activity loss over the next four weeks. I'm going to track this week, and see what my calorie needs will be, then implement that next week. Today I have Tab's Full Body Conditioning class after work, Tues/Thurs is yoga, and I begin physical therapy Wednesday (and will do that 3x/week). Once I know about where my exercise burn will be, I can adjust the calories in my food.
My main goal right now is to get through the next 4 weeks with my knees still attached to my legs, lol. Once I'm rehabbed and on the other side, I'll set more goals to keep me going until I celebrate 3 years of maintenance :-) 

Happy Monday!

Fun for the morning... My son decided to give us a surprise when we opened the fridge....

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