Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Still utterly buried. I will get a decent post in asap. Quick update... Cardio done yesterday morning, yoga this morning. Yoga went better than last time, I think because I was focused on doing what I could do (while wearing the knee brace) as opposed to fussing over what I couldn't do. I'm awaiting some lab results from my doc, and I also see the knee doc this friday, but I'm not real hopeful. Both knees have really been hurting. I am focusing on moving to a more purposeful anti-inflammatory diet to aid in dealing with my arthritis. My food is already clean, but there are things I can limit or eliminate. Wheat being at the top of the list.

In the meantime, my oldest, Joey, turned 19 on friday (wow!), and the kids are all every-which-way. Everyone is super busy. My birthday is sunday (40) [which also marks my 2-year weight maintenance anniversary!], Shiloh will be 17 on the 28th, then my mom has a birthday Nov 3, Bill's mom's is Nov 4.... a seriously happenin' time of year for us, lol! Somewhere along the way, I've got to plan a Halloween party (my very favorite holiday, woohoo!!!!), too.  My experiments in cloning myself are not going well, their heads keep exploding. <sigh>. 

Happy Tuesday!

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