Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Day of Physical Therapy for the Knees

First day of physical therapy. Didn't know what to expect going in, but it certainly didn't include being there from 7:45 to 10:10! When I dashed back home to pack my cooler and run to work, I was rushed and missed a protein source. Crap. My bad.

Therapy went well. I was told that they rarely see such excellent form on squats (kudos to the WGT, Tabitha! [worlds' greatest trainer]). I go back Friday, then I'll schedule for the following week. On the OUCH side of things, it's $100/session. Mega OUCH! I'm supposed to do this 3x/week for 4 weeks! I guess we'll see. Both patellar tendons are tingling and stinging right now. The heavy focus is on my quads, as it's the quad that controls the tracking of the patella. Also discovered that my patellas (kneecaps) are tilted, which accounts for some of my discomfort/pain. One thing they did was hook up this little contraption that zaps my quads, literally. It's bizarre and feels like a whole bunch of tiny needles hitting you at once. It forces the quad to contract, and when it does, you squeeze that contraction harder, essentially re-training the quad to work the way it's supposed to. Interesting, for sure.

I felt really strong afterwards, but as I get farther from the session, my knees are feeling more wobbly. I suppose that corresponds with the "relaxing" of the quads post-exercise. Good news is I can do "anything" in the gym (with good form) that doesn't hurt. I like that directive :-) I like it very much. What I don't like is that right now, almost everything hurts. <sigh>. Oh well. It's temporary.

Ran around like crazy people last night working on finishing up costumes. Crazy. I ended up having to rent some of mine. I can't tell you yet what it is, but I'll post pics afterwards. :-)  Tab has an awesome costume she and a buddy are doing and I can't wait to see it! Bill and Shi (my 17 year old) are doing a duo costume, which will be hysterical, and Bethy is a witch (and adorable!). I have no idea what Ariel is doing, and Joey is heading to CA to visit friends. Our party is Saturday.

Shiloh, my middle baby, is turning 17 tomorrow. We'll be heading to her favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden... I need to go online and examine their menu to find myself some choices.  Joey just turned 19, and Bethy will be 15 in December. Where does the time go?

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