Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heading to Mexico

Who's goin' to Mexico? I'M goin' to Mexico!! Woot Woot!! :-)  I'm so ready!! Finishing up the last minute packing, etc. Bill's dad will be staying at our place and keeping Nakki company. Really wish we could take her with us again, but rules are rules. Bummer. The kids are flyin', we're flyin'... the excitement is palpable!

I was in the gym twice yesterday for lifting - yeah, I know, but I did try to take it easy the second time. Legs in the a.m. with Tab (killer workout, btw... awesome job, Tab!), then in the afternoon I was back for some whole-body stuff, with a focus on abs & upper body. Tried to give the knees a break. I had planned to do cardio this morning, but the knees said no. I hope to get some in while we're down in Mexico, but I'll play it by... knee. ha ha. 

I really want to thank you guys who have emailed me tips on dealing with arthritis. It's helping, so keep 'em coming :-)  I've always been an ibuprofin girl, but was steered toward Aleve, and darned if it's not helping! A lot!

Got a killer playlist for the trip down, and of course a long-play for while we're there. Oh, I can't wait! Shiloh is taking her SAT's, and once she's home we are on the road!

I will be back online Wed/Thurs. Have a great weekend!! Hasta!

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