Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Have The World's Greatest Best Friend!

What a wild ride today has been! I had a class for work in Chandler, so that meant I didn't have time to do yoga today (booooo!), grabbed Red House (steamed chicken, veggies & brown rice - all clean) on my way back to office at 1pm, then had to run out and take pics of a listing, then back to scramble and get everything done. It's been crazy! I'm just now sitting down to eat the other half of my lunch. Tonight I plan to do some yoga at home and study. Bill is out of state (booohooo!) but will be back tomorrow night, late.

Last night I went to Tab's full body conditioning class. Wow, my butt got kicked :-) Great workout, and today I am sore! From my shoulder blades down to my hamstrings! Plus my abs, oh my aching abs! Wooohooo! And, there was no undue stress on my knees.  I love her classes, the way everything just flows and is fun. It was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to next Monday!

I wanted to show you her birthday present to me. I was crackin' up when I opened it! How awesome is this? You know, I'm sure, that the trifecta of bff time for us is our mall days when we hit up Nordstrom Cafe for lunch, then shop hitting the Holy Mecca of Sephora, then Chocolate... at Godiva.    Here's my present:

Step 1: The box...

Wishes 1 & 2....

And the kicker... Wish 3!

Does Best Friend World get better than this?  :-)  It's a Girl-Day in a Box! Wooohoo!

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