Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Injury Requires Adjustments

I want to share this link with you. The story by CNN is about a friend of ours. We met John, his wife, and daughter nearly 10 years ago, and they're wonderful... the kind of folks about whom you say "good people".  Over the last many years, John has been fighting cancer, and his journey is an awesome thing; both inspiring and terrifying.  John is one of the most amazing men I know, and I'm honored by his friendship, humbled by his greatness.

Craziness continues. Briefly... no workout this morning, used the time to catch up on studies. Food is noted on the Cooler page, I've still got to figure out dinner (bowling night), but figure I'll do a veggie wrap w/feta, as I'm low on carbs & fat. Dinner last night was super yummy stuffed peppers. Been craving them! Green peppers stuffed and baked with (lean & drained & rinsed) ground beef & chopped mushrooms, orange & red peppers, onion, zucchini & yellow squash. I've got one in my cooler today for snack :-)

I'm still trying to work my head around the adjustments I need to make to my fitness lifestyle due to the conditions in my knees. Part of me says, Hey! No adjustments necessary! Look at all you've managed to do with torn tendons, rapidly degenerating kneecaps & arthritis! Keep going!  This part of me is then whapped in the back of my head with a 2x4 when the more sane and logical part says, Hello! That's why you've got torn tendons, rapidly degenerating kneecaps & arthritis! So my dilemma is in deciding how much I can reasonably do, daily & weekly, while taking steps to prevent further damage and increase repair & regeneration. Every time I get in the gym, I want to Go Big or Go Home (hence the repetitive contact between aforementioned timber product and my posterior cranium).

I did cardio on Monday... a chill 35 min session on the elliptical. Somehow I managed to give myself a shin-splint! Really?? Maybe that's an indication that it wasn't such a chill session (and seriously, how do you get a shin-splint on the elliptical?). Yeesh. Yoga yesterday was wonderful, I felt strong and today my muscles are sore. Go Yoga. I need to get in more cardio this week, plus weights and one more yoga session. Maybe somewhere in there I'll find my "chill" methodology and actually proactively prevent further decline.

On that note, a great book I just read is helping me a lot. If anyone out there is dealing with arthritis, check out Dr. Bob Arnot's "Wear & Tear"

Ok, nose back to the grindstone... I'll check in later.   :-)
PS.... I updated the workout music page with my current playlist.

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