Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Yoga Story was Published!!

I'm Back!! Wow! What a great getaway! The trip was fantastic, and while I chose to not workout, I got plenty of exercise :-) Everyone had a fantastic time. I've got pics but haven't had time yet to resize them. I'll post them asap. Sun, Sand & Sea - the triumphant trifecta of stress relief!

We got home and were unpacking when I got a call from Tab:

Tab "Hey! Why didn't you tell me??"
Chelle "Tell you what?"
Tab "That you got published!"
Chelle (thinking hard, well I've been published several times but that was years ago, in my previous life, and while my goal is to be published again, it hasn't happened  yet, so....) "Huh?"
Tab "Yeah! You're published!" She then proceeds to read me the title, byline, and magazine & issue....
Chelle  "WHAT????!!! Are you serious????!!! OMG!!!!!!"

Awhile back I'd submitted my yoga story (about my first class) to a local fitness & health magazine, but I'd never heard anything from them so assumed it wasn't a fit. I have a subscription to the magazine, but hadn't yet received my copy when I was in the prosthetics lab a couple weeks ago getting fitted for my brace. They gave me the copy of the magazine to take with me, as I was reading an article on make-up (never underestimate the power of a good coverup!). I took that magazine, in my purse, to the mall where I met Tab. I opened the magazine in Sephora to check for recommended brands, then put the issue back in purse. I never flipped through the whole thing. Then I got home, had gotten my copy (which comes in a large envelope) and had put it in a stack of stuff to read "later".

Later turned out to be this afternoon, when Tab informed me my story was in it! LOL! How me! I walked around for several hours with that magazine and had no idea I had a byline!
Needless to say, I'm completely over the moon! The perfect cap to a great vacation/getaway! Woohoo! - October 2010 issue, pg. 32.

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