Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tweaking the Nutrient Ratios

Ha! Hey AZ, we've got rain! You know that line from the movie Twister, where she's sitting in the back of the truck on the verge of a tornado and say's "I gotta go. We got cows!" Well this rain is just about that unusual! Thunder, lightning, heavy downpour! We Got Rain!  Wooohooo!!!

Worked out with Tab last night. It was awesome! :-) Came home and had a tiny baked potato covered with taco meat (from sunday's food prep) topped with cottage cheese, and 1 1/2 cups of steamed green beans. This morning was yoga, bright and early. The Beast was a bitch and made several poses either impossible or distinctly uncomfortable. I've got a lot of adjusting to do. I've also got an appt the friday after we return from Mexico to have the rest of my body checked for arthritis.

On the topic of adjusting, it's time to tweak the diet. I'm now moving back toward my 33/33/33 split of protein/carb/fat, and aiming for 1600-1800 cal/day. Because I'm working out first thing in the a.m. before eating, I'm adding in a starchy carb with my dinner (to fuel my early morning workouts). I had a potato last night (small), since I'm out of sweet potatoes. I'll have to stock up on those. 

5 days until Mexico! Here's my book as promised...

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