Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Step Backward

Tab is at her awards luncheon :-) I can't wait to hear all about it!

My physical therapy yesterday left me in tears. I was "fine" throughout, and had one last exercise, then foam rolling my IT band, then stretching. I finished up on the leg press (doubles and singles)... no pain, no problem. Got off and started over to the other side of the room to foam roll, and whamo! I was hurting so bad! Couldn't believe it! It was fine on the press, but as soon as I began to walk it screamed. With my great depth of scientific know-how, I deduced that something about the leg press aggravated my knee. (I is smart, ha ha).

I did the foam roller (ouch) then moved on to final stretching (ahhhh). I ended up leaving with a gargantuan ice pack saran-wrapped to my knee. :-(  We're pulling the leg press out of my routine, and will see how it goes on Wed.

I drove home to pick up Bethany then on to Tab's full body conditioning class. I removed the ice, strapped on my braces, and did what I could through the class. I got a great workout, and made sure to not cause pain in my knee. Got home and iced some more. For me, class was heavy on upper body, with some stiff-legged dead-lifts, and abs. Dinner was my clean taco salad (see recipe page), both to refuel and to store up for the coming yoga class in the morning.
This morning it was stiff (they both were, normal), and relatively pain free. I did yoga and discovered I couldn't put my kneecap on the ground. Can you say modify? :-/  Though I tried (really, really hard) to go easy and be hyper-aware, by the time class was done, I was limping and inflamed. Damnit. More ice.

I will conquer this. I will (or rather my physical therapy team will, lol) figure out the triggers. I told Bill last night that I don't know whether to curl up in a ball and cry or punch something. I'm leaning toward punching :-) Though torturing Bethany through class last night did make me feel a bit better :-) Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!  [no, I'm really not that mean, but she did get a great workout and is sore today, lol]. 

My son is coming by soon to pick up my car and take it for an oil change (isn't he awesome???). I'm not real good about keeping up with that sort of thing, which is probably why I've got 10,000 miles on it and this will be the first oil change.   :-/  Food prep - that I've got down... basic car maintenance - not so much. Lol!

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