Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dad Was Right - Duct Tape CAN Fix Anything

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!! Wooohoo!

I have to say, I am loving this knee tape business! The only drawback (other than the adhesive) is that I feel hyper-aware of the tape and fear it coming off (sweat, shower, movement/bending); though it appears to be quite strong. It has shifted about 1/2 inch on the right and 1/4 inch on the left, due, I'm sure, to movement pulling it. But overall, I feel stable and pain-free. I've still got the tinglies in the tendon, but this is miracle-sized improvement! Proof Dad was right... Duct tape CAN fix everything! :-)

My food is all good. I'm not hitting my ratios (goal is 33/33/33 split of protein/carb/fat), but everything I'm getting is whole and healthy. Yesterday I hit around 1500 cal, but my carbs were higher than protein. Today so far, I'm waaaay low on fat, but I'll add an avocado to my dinner and be fine (probably going to steam some green beans and toss them & a chicken breast in my cooler, plus the avocado). If I hit all my meals, before dinner I'll be at 1300 cal, so that's right on track. My fiber count is right around 30 g, and I'm getting a minimum of 128g protein/day, so even though my ratios are off, it's all good. It's bowling night, so I'll dash home after phys. therapy and repack my cooler then on to the bowling alley.
You can view my cooler contents & daily nutrition info here:

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