Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emu Oil, Physical Therapy, and Other Odds & Ends

I just ordered a new bottle of Emu Oil, and found they're running a contest for a $100 shopping spree at Uniquely Emu on Facebook. If you'd like to enter, here's the link:

I fully encourage you to try their emu oil. There's a ton of research on the benefits of emu oil, and it makes for a fascinating read. I've been using it for 10 years and love it. Yes, it's expensive. Absolutely, it is worth every penny. Around our house, we use it in our body scrub, body lotions, first aid lotions & sprays, as well as straight from the bottle on cuts, burns, etc. It accelerates the growth of new skin/tissue; it's anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory; it's moisturizing; it's awesome!

I've tried a lot of brands over the years, and the product from Uniquely Emu is by far the best. If it's a product you'd be interested in, I hope you'll check them out.

Ok. I have some incredibly exciting news to share :-) Last night Tab was informed that she has been selected by the co-heads of the Kinesiology Dept at ASU to be one of three kinesiology students (out of the 1500 students in the department) to be guests of the Dean of The College of Nursing and Health Innovation (ASU) attending a special awards luncheon next Tuesday honoring some people who have been influential in the health industry. One of three, out of 1500!!! Guest of the Dean! What an awesome honor for Tab! I'm so excited and proud! :-) How cool is that?? Wooohooo Tabitha!!  (as an aside, last week one of the professors told her that the paper she (Tab) wrote last year on coaching/team dynamics is now being used as a "This is how you do it" tool to show students how they should write & prepare their papers! Go, Tab!).
Congratulations, Tabitha!!!!!!    :-)

Happy Birthday, Bill's Mom!!!!! :-)

Physical therapy went well. They're turning up the intensity on me. By the time my 10 min on the zapper was done, I couldn't feel my right quad, lol. I did the usual pre-work stretching, then straight leg lifts (a bitch on the right knee), side lifts, bent knee lifts, band-walks (see pic to the right), then they added a variation of wall squats, and despite my threats to throw the exercise ball at them, they did not back down. Also did a weird hip/wall thing, which when one side was complete, I turned to switch sides, and discovered that it left me imbalanced. You remember that game as a kid where you spun in circles... spin, spin, spin, then walk? Imagine that, only with one leg. I'm telling you it was weird! Like I had one dead leg! Lol! I just tipped right over like a drunken sailor! After that was one leg balances, then leg press (double and single), then the stretching.

The tape is doing it's job (and as long as I'm taped, I don't wear the braces, YES!). I'm still getting used to the way it holds. I'm afraid to bend because I don't want to pull it off, but it does become more flexible the longer I wear it. It was fine in yoga this morning (no pain!) though stiff.

A funny thing has happened... Before I ended up with this double knee thing, I was hitting the gym hard. 7 sessions in 5 days each week. I was trying so hard to lean out, but just wasn't seeing it happen, then the knees went. Back and forth I've gone, with my activity level, finally just sucking it up and doing what I should, not necessarily what I can (because what I can is what gets me injured). I took time off. I kept my food clean. I eased back into activity, and I'm keeping it light (for me). Mondays are full body conditioning class, Tues/Thurs yoga, Mon/Wed/Fri are my physical therapy sessions. I'm not doing cardio or additional weights. I'm not doing zumba. And I'm certainly not doing twice-a-day's. I have cut my calories, but not drastically... I'm at around 1500/day (because I'm still lightly active, and my body needs the extra calories to facilitate healing). In the back of my mind is this voice telling me I'm not doing enough, it's too light, I'll gain weight. Then that funny thing... I'm leaning out. I have more definition in my abs, my poochy belly is more a deflated balloon, my arms (specifically the back) are thinner and more defined. ????!!!!!

Maybe this is my body's way of telling me to chill. I work at it so hard, but clearly one of the things I need to learn is to work at not working at it so hard. My all-or-nothing mentality keeps landing me on the injured list, so clearly there's a balance I've been missing. Time to find it.

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