Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Prep and New Recipes

Where'd the morning go?? Yikes! Quick weekend update... knee=blah. Gotta get all this administrative stuff done so I can fix it! (in other words, I'm waiting on insurance/billing/scheduling people.) 

Food... finances took an unexpected turn this last week, resulting in moments of panic and white knuckles. Grocery shopping was done on a severely strict budget this week, and had to include buying my T-day turkey (freakin $36 just for the bird! crazy! the rest of my supplies can wait a few days). I managed to get it done and my food prep was completed. It really helps that this is a short week. Didn't buy the usual lunchmeat at Whole Foods (couldn't justify the cost this week) so I cooked extra chicken breast, then thin-sliced for sandwiches. Produce is relatively inexpensive (seasonal), and filled the bulk of my cart. My grain this week is curried quinoa... an experiment that turned out well (3 1/2 tbsp thai curry seasoning with 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups broth, then add baby corn & black beans after cooking the quinoa). Food this week is simple, but whole & healthy.

There's a possibility I'll be driving to CA and back this Wednesday night (and again on Sunday). If that's the case, Turkey day shopping will be very interesting. May have to send Shiloh, while I'm out of town. Oy. Scary. She's threatening to fill my pantry with Nutella and "normal" peanut butter. Teenagers.

Thanksgiving dinner will be at my place. Low-key this year. Menu is traditional, including Turkey (brined - which btw results in a very low-sodium bird!), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, etc.

Weekend recipes tried... I gave a run at a cookie recipe from the Kitchen Table forum, big mistake. blek. Then I tried a recipe, also from there, for Pumpkin muffins that were INCREDIBLE. I'm thinking (if time allows) that they'll be perfect for T-day breakfast. I'll probably sub some flour for protein powder, just to boost 'em up. The recipe is here
Tonight I've got Tab's Fully Body Conditioning class after work. Can't wait to get in some exercise! :-)

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