Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Glory of Sports Tape

Yesterday was my third physical therapy session, followed by a full-body conditioning class (taught by Tab). My quads are screamin' today! Lol. A great thing that happened is one of my therapists tried something new... I'm out of the braces, and one knee is taped... I walked around last night PAIN FREE! I did yoga this morning PAIN FREE! I'm sitting at my desk, PAIN FREE! Wooohoo! The tape is holding my kneecap in place, and seems to be doing so more efficiently than the brace. This is all my right leg, the left is doing great and responding quickly to the therapy. The only downside to this tape thing is that I'm actually allergic to adhesive. I blow up like a balloon, get hive like bumps, then full blown blisters. And that's after only a few minutes of contact. So far, I appear to be fine, one side is starting to look inflamed, but I'm applying emu oil and hoping for the best.

The muscle zapper appears to be doing it's job. Ok, it's actually called an Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS), but I prefer to call it the zapper... or tazer. LOL. I can feel improvement in my quad strength. It's a bizarre thing to watch your muscle lift itself off the leg (and not very comfortable). It's crazy, but it is helping.

During my preliminary stretching yesterday, I laid on my back on the table, put one leg straight/flat, wrapped a rope around the other foot and pulled that leg up and straight then across my body and down to stretch my IT band. Now, let me remind you I wasn't on the floor as in the photos here, but up on the table. Can you guess what happened? Yep! That extended leg was pulling me right off and face down onto the floor. The therapist walked in just as I dropped the rope thing and grabbed frantically at the side of the table to stop from rolling off. Have I mentioned that I have a profound lack of coordination and grace? All he could say was "well, that's a first" and laugh. I go back Wed. and Fri. this week, then see where we're at.
 IT Band Stretch - part 1 IT Band Stretch part 2

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