Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun and Photos, and Food Prep

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! We had our halloween party on saturday, then trick-or-treaters on sunday, along with my usual food prep, plus yesterday was a special day for Bill and I as it was our 10 year "together" anniversary (more on that shortly). We also tried out a new recipe last night for dinner... I think Bill's mouth is still on fire. Oops.

So... Halloween. My favorite holiday, hands down. Bill was batman, Shiloh was Robin, and I was bobblehead-me, Lol. A couple years ago, some friends found a bobble-head doll at a motorcycle shop that reminded them of me, so they bought it and she painted it up to look more like me, lol, even painting Nakki's name (my boxer) next to the little hog on a leash. It's adorable, and I love it. So I rounded up a leather vest (which Shiloh applied appliqués to making it resemble the one on the doll), and a pair of chaps along with my bike boots (Harley of course), a leather cap and a photo of Nakki on a ribbon leash. Tab had the brilliant idea to add silver cord to my neck to look like the spring on the doll. Lol. Tab and Erin showed up as Wayne and Garth, and they ROCKED it! Ron and Cheri did Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson... it was hysterical, and Ron even won Best Costume at a club later that night! 

I made a bean/layer dip, Ariel made the mummy dogs (just "pigs in a blanket", but we used the good Applegate Farms uncured hot dogs), my cucumber dip and a batch of clean brownies. There was other food there, too, of course, but that's what I brought :-) Also had my handy clean chips - The Naturals variety of Tostitos yellow corn and blue corn chips, and the Naturals Ruffles. The recipes are up, if you'd like them.

The brownies I normally make are here, this time I tried a new recipe. The brownies themselves were great (though my usual are more chocolaty), but the marshmallow topping was both fantastic and yucky... it was really cool to make my own marshmallow creme, but the addition of the almond extract was just nasty. Next time I'll either replace it with vanilla, or skip it altogether. It's just my personal preference, and if you like almond extract, you'd love the original recipe. She's a clever gal, over there at and deserves serious kudos for her great recipes. The marshmallow topping is a must-try :-)

We had a great time! (click on photos to view larger).

Sunday, Bethany wanted to go trick-or-treating, so I threw on an eye patch and sword, lol. Yes, I am a dork. We also entertained Bill with our dance routine to Baby Got Back.  Fine, I am an uber-dork :-)

My food prep for the week included Grilled Chicken breasts (I LOVE my Foreman Grill!), and a wide variety of veggies. I also browned up 2 lbs of ground bison for Taco Salad, etc during the week. I didn't have time to bake my bread, so I had to revert back to my Alpine Valley bread for the guys (which is great, it's just not mine, lol).    

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