Thursday, November 11, 2010

Physical Therapy, Dangerous Soy, and

I'm getting annoyed at myself, feel like I'm whining, but here's the update on my knee: Physical therapy yesterday. The left knee is doing great and I'm down to my usual discomfort with that (arthritis, and a worn out patella). The right knee, however, has gotten significantly worse. I can barely tolerate having the kneecap touched. And I didn't even get off the table yesterday (stretching, zapper, weighted leg lifts & side lifts, heel lifts). After the zapper, my therapist re-taped my knee in a different way, then applied 4 electrodes around the knee, turned on the machine and covered it (knee) with ice for 15 minutes. He said it's for pain management, and it sends constant electric pulses. It's different from the zapper in that it's not meant to stimulate muscle contraction, but to "numb" the nerves. If you're curious, that is called TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), while the muscle zapper is NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation).

I'm not supposed to go back to my doctor until the 19th, but Tad (therapist) wants me to move that up. He's calling my doc to update, and he wants an MRI done. Thinks there might be something floating around in there that's causing all this.

Further, I'm grounded. No activity. No yoga. No body conditioning class. This sucks. I'm assuming I can still do upper body, but that has no effect on the ass that is currently heading south for the winter. I go back to see Tad tomorrow morning, and I'll get some clearer directives on exercise then go from there. I have a feeling that some creative lower body routine is going to have to be figured out.

Moving on... I read a fascinating article about soy products in the current (Nov/Dec 2010) issue of OnFitness Magazine. It addresses the difference between the soy we ingest here in North America and the soy consumed in Asia. Here's an excerpt:
"Soybeans are typically run through a hexane 'bath' in the manufacturing process. Hexane is a gasoline refining byproduct that has been linked to nervous system disorders and skin problems. The following name brands, says the Cornucopia Institute, use hexane: Garden Burger, Soy Boy, Boca Burger, Amy's Kitchen, Morningstar Farms, Yves Veggie Cuisine, and many others.
Buyer beware: Products labeled 'organic' aren't allowed to contain any hexane-derived ingredients, but that rule doesn't apply to foods that are labeled 'made with organic ingredients'.
And then there are the nitrosamines, hardcore carcinogens which crop up in high concentrations in virtually every commercial soy protein food. In short, unfermented/processed soy comes with a lot of baggage.
Unless specifically stated as being made from fermented soy, which is extremely rare, soy foods are made from unfermented soy. These include soy milks (Silk, Soy Dream and Nature's Soy), infant formulas like Earth's Best, and even products that are associated with a back-to-nature, ultra-healthy quality, such as Ezekiel breads."
excerpt from pg 37, paragraph 7

How disturbing is that? You can read the full article here, I scanned and PDF'd it since it's not available online. There's also some very thought provoking data about soy and inflammatory bowel disorders, food allergies, and even asthma. If you have the time, it's well worth the read.

Changing gears again, I also discovered a wonderful online gem through my local library. It's called and it's cool! With my library membership, I can download 3 songs each week for free! I picked up two tunes by Joe Satriani, and one by Broken Bells.  :-)  I love free music! The song by Broken Bells (The High Road) makes a great cool-down song, by the way. Check it out and see if your library is part of this service.