Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plastic Surgery is Like Auto Repair

Multi-tasking. Need clones. Would settle for minions. Or a computer that doesn't have a wonky USB port that shorts out my monitor, randomly forcing me to hard-boot, thereby losing all my unsaved work. And isn't there always unsaved work? Grrrraaawwwrrr!

Turning my back on the technology currently plaguing me (though you can be sure I'm still watching... and waiting), my knee is good today (knock on wood). So far no unusual pain. Therapy this afternoon. We'll see.

I have added a recipe for Creamy Tarragon Chicken. Quite tasty :-)

So... I had a brainstorm this morning about the plastic surgery I want. You see, [ummm, anyone sensitive to TMI, this is a good time to check out the new recipe] I was done with my shower, had grabbed my towel and was wrapping up my hair, which of course means I was halfway upside down, and I got a good look at my girls. Or should I say quail-eggs in stockings? Yeah, I do believe they've shrunk and misshaped even more (hadn't realized that was possible - live, learn). I actually paused, kinda stunned, and just went "huh". But that wasn't my brainstorm. Here's my brainstorm... it's like auto-repair. Seriously! Check this out...
So you've got a car you love. You take care of it. Regular maintenance, cleaning, fueling. Maybe it's got some wear and tear, but it's a good car, so you do everything you can to keep that baby in tip-top shape. Then you come out one morning and some idiot has sideswiped your car during the night. Your fender is all bent, and your door smashed in, your tailpipe dragging on the ground. What do you do? You take it in for repair work, right? See where I'm going with this?  :-)

Lol, yes, I know surgery isn't the right choice for everyone; but it is for me. I'm hoping 2011 will be my year for some serious auto repair :-)

Okay, TMI time over. At least for now. Mwahahahaha!
lol! :-)

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