Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving & Food Prep for the Week

How was your turkey day? :-)  Ours was fun. My turkey turned out picture-perfect, the pie was awesome, and the stuffing was incredible. Yay! I've posted the recipes, and also my own recipe for leftover turkey burroladas (super high in protein, and very yummy!). After all the bread I ate this week, I needed the protein boost, lol!

We picked up our Christmas tree yesterday, and the kids & Bill decorated it (and the house). Joey came by for dinner, and it was so nice to have the family all just hang out :-)

Still next to no activity because of the knee. It's degrading fast. You know how you pop the top on a can of paint? Get the screwdriver wedged under the lid and pop? Feels like someone's got an ice pick in my knee trying to pop off my kneecap. All the time. It's inflamed (again), and is sensitive to touch (even just the material of my pants). Gawd, I'm ready to get this fixed. We're scrambling to get our financial ducks in a row, so I can have surgery Dec. 16th. It's hard to justify the out of pocket expense during this season, but if I do it then, I don't have to take off any work. The next New York payment  is due next week for Shiloh's theatre trip, my youngest has a birthday in 2 weeks, then we've got christmas, as well. I'm really struggling with feeling selfish. Hopefully the next few days will give us a clearer picture of the situation, and I can make the final decision.

Anyway... food prep for the week is complete. I made my usual chicken breasts, and sliced up a bunch for sandwich meat for Bill & the kids, browned the beef for taco salad, crockpot'd a beef stew and a batch of beets, then chopped all my veggies for the steamer bags. I cheated on the grains, and bought the Seeds Of Change bags to just nuke as needed. Fruit this week is blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries (though I doubt I'll get any of those, the kids gobble 'em up!), and red seedless grapes. Veggies: broccoli, yellow squash, snow peas & tomatoes, asparagus; salad greens: shredded cabbage, spinach, kale, salad bags. Additionals are lots of greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and hard boiled eggs, plus Newman's Own Organic Pretzel sticks for the family.

A funny thing happened this weekend. I was at a party, and someone mentioned to someone else how I'd lost a bunch of weight and kept it off. The person got all excited and chased me down to ask how I'd done it. I said, "I changed the way I eat and added exercise."  "Oh," she said, clearly disappointed, "I was hoping it was some miracle pill or something." And she walked away.  She walked away. Sad. Then just a few minutes later, I had a conversation with a really neat gal who'd lost 100 pounds! Wow! All through nutrition. Very cool, and fun to chat with someone who understands just how powerful our relationship with food is.

Anyway, Happy Monday!

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