Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 3 Post-Knee Surgery

Well, I finally had to break down and take a vicodin yesterday at 5pm. That took me through until about midnight, when I needed another. Last night was rough. Up every hour on the hour, ice helped a lot but I did have to take more pain meds. Then this morning, I bottomed out. I hate that about vicodin. All of a sudden my blood pressure dropped, I got cold sweats (profuse), and it took about 30 minutes to regain my equilibrium. I'm fine now, icing, no drugs. We'll see how the rest of the day goes. I'm feeling a lot more in my knee, and am looking forward to taking the bandage off in a few hours and seeing what it looks like. Still no more than very minor swelling in the leg, and though I felt quite a bit of heat in it last night, today there doesn't seem to be any inflammation.

I did want to mention, that I had forgotten 2 things in my surgery prep... throat lozenges and kleenex. I had spaced that when I've gone under before, I always have some minor sinus stuffiness for a day or so afterwards, and I had forgotten that my throat is very sore for about 18 hours after surgery (from the breathing tube). Thankfully, I had a pack of Halls Bursts handy, and Shiloh ran to the store for me to pick up kleenex. Once this is all said and done, I'm going to put my surgery prep list up on the site for anyone who might find it helpful.

At the foot of my bed are my resistance tubes and bands.  I think I'll start working with those in a few hours. Once my stomach settles back down.

One kind of funny thing through all this... you might remember I have a big klutzy 70 lb boxer. She's 4, thinks she's human, and is a cuddler. She sleeps in our bed, right between Bill and I when she can get away with it, and is the reason we were so excited to move from a queen size bed to a king. I had been concerned that she might cause me some trouble during my recovery... did I mention she's big, klutzy and a cuddler? On the contrary, Nakki has amazed both Bill and I. She knows something is wrong and she has been so incredibly gentle and slow-moving. She stands guard over me whenever someone is around. It's been astonishing. She's such a sweet dog :-) 

Anyway, there's my wandering thought patterns for the morning, lol! I'm sending Shiloh out soon to do my grocery shopping. Wish me luck!  :-)

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