Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 4 Post-Knee Surgery

I'm astonished at how well this is going (knock on wood). I went all day yesterday without any vicodin, and mostly slept through the night. By bedtime last night I was able to get up from seated without needing a hand, and I was walking with little pain. Today I'm able to bend more, and there's very little pain, more stiff than anything. I have physical therapy at 10am. While I'm not ready to dance on any tables, I am really surprised at how well I feel. So far, Saturday night was the worst of it.

I took off the bandages yesterday and saw very little swelling... I mean, it's swollen, yes, but not nearly what I expected. Just a couple tiny little bruises, two tiny stitches, no bleeding or draining. I'm rubbing emu oil into the whole knee (anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing - good stuff!).

Anyway, I'll post when I get back from therapy.  :-)

Oh! And the grocery shopping? Shiloh did awesome! Got everything on my list, exactly as I wanted. She couldn't find one or two items, but no big deal. No junk food found it's way into my pantry! :-)  Way to go, Shi!  :-)

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