Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Before Surgery, Prep is Complete

Wow! My hamstrings are screaming, my shoulders are weeping! I got a fantastic workout at cardio-kickboxing last night, even with my lack of grace/coordination and need to modify. Fun class! I can't wait until I can participate fully in the things I love so much!

Dinner last night was a woops-moment for me, lol. I was so tired after class that I walked straight to the crockpot, shredded the beef, dumped in the 2nd bottle of bbq sauce, then realized I'd forgotten to drain the crockpot first. Oy. Funky. Definitely requires draining before adding fresh sauce. Definitely. Lol!

Today is the day before knee surgery. No food or drink after midnight. No moisturizer or lotion in the morning (gasp!!). I've had several surgeries (2 laparoscopies and a hysterectomy), yet I am still nervous. I realize this is all very routine to the doctor and the surgery center, but still... I get butterflies. Additionally, I'm concerned about the no-smoking. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you remember that I had actually quit smoking for 8+ months, then started up again. Bill, my hubby, never quit. Now, we'll both be quitting. Cigarette smoke inhibits wound healing and increases scarring. Quite the silly reason, all in all, to quit, but hey... quitting is quitting. I've got a box of nicotine patches ready for Bill. I'm going to give it a few days before I decide if I need them or not.

Today after work I'll be hitting the grocery store for dog food (sorry Nakki! didn't realize we were that low!), then heading home, then over to the bowling alley to hang with Bill & everyone. I've got my book (yeah, I'm that anal) all ready for the family... it's got all the recipes, grocery lists, directions, etc in it, along with the calendar showing what happens when (including meals). I've got a stack of library books beside my bed, along with a stack of dvd's including season 6 of Desperate Housewives (lol!), Witchblade, Alias (all 5 seasons), and a bunch of movies. I've got a whole basket of yarn and my knitting needles ready. And I've got my yoga mat and red resistance tube nearby for some upper body work whenever I want, and as soon as I find my dumbbells (Shiloh, give 'em back!) I will have those ready, too. My prescription (vicodin) is beside my bed along with my big bottle of Aleve. Water bottles in my fridge, food prepped and ready. Lordy. I don't think I'm missing anything, but I'm sure something got overlooked.

Hopefully Santa will put a couple more movies in my christmas stocking... The Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis) and Despicable Me are at the top of my wish list :-)

I have yet to do my christmas shopping. Other than the kids' big group gift, I have bought nothing  :-(   Hopefully, I'll be on my feet to do that myself, I know mentally I'll be MORE than ready for some mall-time with Tab :-)

Anyway. I think I'm rambling because I'm nervous. Lol. I will be updating my blog, periodically throughout the holidays, so I'll let you know how surgery goes.

I wish you a happy, warm & loving holiday season.

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