Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Prep and CPR Bruising

The day is flying by! I'm awaiting a call back for scheduling my pre-op appt, but looks December 16th is solid. I spent the weekend making lists, and lists of lists, lol. Food was being prepped, along with my regular Sunday Food Prep, and I should have lots of clean meals for the family while I'm down. Still trying to work out some kinks, but I'm sort of stuck until I have that pre-op appt and get more info. I need info! :-/

Saturday I had a CPR/AED class, and can you believe it? I bruised my mouth! LOL! Only me, right? I left class, got in the car and went to put on lip-gloss, when I saw these weird purple and red marks under my bottom lip... I looked closer and sure enough, I'd managed to bruise it! I guess I take my CPR very seriously, LOL! The marks are fading, but thank goodness for foundation & coverup! :-)

So, food prep... this week my proteins are: crockpot chicken breast (shredded), roast pork tenderloin, and ground beef. All are cooked and ready for what I need them for. Veggies: Broccoli & Cauliflower, Zucchini, Snow Peas & Tomatoes, and Green Beans.  Fruit: Bananas, apples, blueberries, raspberries & blackberries, watermelon, and grapefruit. Grains: Brown Rice & Quinoa.

Activity... I'll be getting in a workout this evening at Tab's Full Body Conditioning class. Other than that, I'm hoping for some light yoga.

This weekend is my baby's birthday... 15! So Friday I'll be doing the grocery shopping for a horde of teens :-) I'm also hoping to hit the mall briefly for some christmas shopping (since I'll be unable to shop after surgery). Then Sunday will be my last food-prep day until I'm back on my feet. Gulp! 

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