Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goin' Down!

Physical Therapy went well.    My regular therapist was back from vacation. He worked with me before, when we were trying to avoid surgery (and did so, successfully on my left knee), and I was really glad to know that I'd be back as his client post-surgery. He was very pleased with my healing and progress, and said there's no need to move to 3x/week for therapy. Yay!  I am still free of knee pain (double Yay!), and my focus is on rahabing the quad, and preventing the scar tissue on the lateral from becoming "tight and short". I'm using the foam roller daily now, toward that end.

Additionally, I had a woohoo moment tonight! I came down the stairs at home NORMALLY!  No side step. No penguin walk. NORMAL! Yeah! Remember, the fill-in therapist told me it'd be a  month before I could do that! One Month, MY BUTT! HA! It's been 13 days since surgery! And it was  pain free! Hell YEAH! Wooohooo!!!!  :-)

Food... I'm very low on caloric intake, but the vast majority of my food is whole and clean. I did have a slice of my caramel apple pie last night :-) With that, I think my total calories in yesterday were around 1300.  Too low, I know. I'm also struggling with drinking enough water. I will focus over the next few days on upping my intake, both food and water. This weekend I will do my regular food prep, then be back at work on Monday with my trusty cooler in hand. I return to my doctor on the 13th, and hope to be fully cleared for gym time then.

Thankfully, I've gained no weight during this down time. The prep I did before surgery both in making meals and freezing them, and making careful grocery lists, really helped me keep clean healthy foods at hand. A huge help! But I'm ready to return to my routine :-)

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