Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Recap and XBox Kinect

Hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had a great holiday! We did. Though things were really tight this year, we did manage to do one large gift for the whole family. We got the XBox Kinect system. If you haven't seen this thing in action, go to the microsoft website and check it out. It's awesome! There are no controllers! The system reads your body and YOU are the controller. Bill and the kids had a ball with it, and I loved how active they were :-)  I can't wait until I can play!

Of course, being me, I overdid it from  Thursday through yesterday. Yesterday, I was on my feet from 7am until about 6pm. My whole leg swelled up, toes to hip. :-(  

The kids left this morning at 6 to drive to CA, so while the house is so quiet, I've spent the vast majority of the day with my leg elevated, icing off & on, and doing my  physical therapy exercises.  Bill and I had leftover breakfast burritos for dinner, and I had my single slice of killer cheesecake :-)  For Christmas dinner, I'd made both my cheesecake and the caramel apple pie, but didn't have any myself. The cheesecake was absolutely amazing! I think it was the best one yet :-)  Now I've got to give the rest of it away before it becomes a temptation, lol!

Tomorrow I'm back in physical therapy, and I hope I haven't messed anything up by my over-activity this week. Here's the recap:  Thursday was my post-op with the doctor. He was very happy with my progress and healing. The stitches came out and were replaced with steri-strips. I'm to wear them until they fall off. I have a tiny issue with that, lol, as after a day, they look "dirty" and it gives me the heebies. But they're still on, and I will allow them to come off on their one.

After the appointment, Bill and I headed to Fashion Square to do a bit of quick shopping. I moved ok at first, but quickly hit the wall. Had to get the shopping done, though, so I pushed through. From there we hit WalMart then over to Target. All in all I was on my feet for about 4 1/2 hours. Got home and immediately got everything wrapped and moved under the tree. Then I iced like a fiend, lol. Later that night, I had some serious issues with my quad which I think is from the malfunction of the stim machine on Wednesday. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. Then as I stood up, I felt 2 explosions under my kneecap. It was very, very painful and came out of nowhere. By today I'd developed a dark bruise in the spot of one of those "explosions". Very odd.
Friday, I began the food prep for Saturday. The quad continued to ache and spasm. 

We had Christmas Eve dinner with friends, and following that, had our annual family poker tournament. Bill won this year. He thinks the cookie monster hat (which matches Shiloh's) is his good luck charm, lol. While they played Texas Hold 'em, I finished up the cheesecake, and put the apple pie together for baking in the morning. Then I cooked the beef & brown mexican rice for the breakfast burritos. Finally hit bed at 2am.

Christmas morning, I got up, moved the stockings downstairs, baked the pie, started the spiced cider (2 64 oz containers of apple cider in the crockpot with a cheesecloth bundle of cinnamon sticks, 1 tbsp whole allspice & 1 tbsp whole clove), cooked the potatoes for the burritos, then we opened our stockings. After, Ariel picked up Grandma Goldie and brought her back while I finished up the burritos and popped 'em in the oven. We all enjoyed breakfast, then opened presents. The Xbox Kinect was the big hit we'd hoped for, and they played for the rest of the day. At 2:30 friends joined us, and food was plentiful.

It was a fun day, and by the end, the kids were all packed up and ready for their road trip. Bill and I snuggled in and watched his new DVD of The A-Team (I loved it!). The kids left at 6 this morning, made good (safe) time to Fresno.  I miss them already. Joey and Shiloh will drive home Wednesday, and Bethy will fly home on Saturday.

And that was our holiday! :-)  

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