Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Home Alone

Physical Therapy went well. I had an issue with the fresh scar tissue on the lateral, and that had to be worked on. Incredibly painful, but it's worth it. My range of motion is good, my mobility is good. I even got on the leg press! Woohoo!  I have zero pain in my knee now, though the quad is making up for that, lol. I never really paid attention to the lateral of my quad before, it was just there. Now I'm VERY aware of it, lol.  The therapist released me from some of the exercises I do at home, and added others (basically trading knee flexion for quad). I feel good and I'm fighting to hit full recovery ahead of schedule.

The house is quiet with all the kids gone. 3 are in CA, and Ariel went snowboarding yesterday, so it was just Bill and I. We got on the Kinect and had a great time! I loved Joy Ride, though figuring out the steering is still an issue for me, lol. Then I about threw out my back on a dodgeball type game (way too fun), and slid and jumped for a rafting game. I didn't last long because of the leg, but it was truly a blast. Bill kept playing and did several rounds of a bob & weave type of deal that was awesome! Love the Kinnect!  Can't wait to try the zumba and dance games!

I'm working on my goals list for 2011. Have you started yours? I'll post mine when it's ready.

Happy Tuesday!

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