Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hat's Off to Dr. Martin of AZ Bone & Joint

I only managed one session of the PT exercises yesterday. I did them, and did them properly regardless of the discomfort and/or pain, and promptly swelled up to the point one stitch began to bleed. No bueno. Ice, compression and elevation the rest of the day. And pain. I pushed through it, worked on my computer, watched Desperate Housewives (onto season 7 now), and felt sorry for myself. Damnit. Finally gave in at 10pm and took a couple vicodin, slept through the night (mostly) and while I'm hurting this morning, it's nothing near the levels of yesterday. Though, to be honest, I'm still fighting my attitude.

I have physical therapy this morning at 10:45. Shiloh will be driving me, then hopefully, I can get some holiday grocery shopping done in a quick blitz so that all supplies are ready when I am. Tomorrow is my Post-Op doctor appointment. Regardless of my nasty attitude, lol, have I mentioned that my doctor did an amazing job on the surgery? Because he did. While I might be frustrated with my own limitations, I am thrilled with the quality of care I've been given, and with the speed of my recovery, lack of bruising, etc.  It may seem like a little thing, but having had several surgeries, I've woken more than once to discover vicious bruising where I had been handled roughly while "out". None of that here! So Thank You, Dr. Richard Martin of AZ Bone & Joint.

All right. Time to kick my ass. I'm heading to the shower then therapy.

Oh! Forgot to mention! I actually saw the shape of my knee this morning! It's been round and this morning it was less puffy, and I actually saw some definition! Progress!

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