Thursday, December 9, 2010

Menu Planning for Surgery Week

Again with the identical cooler contents today, lol. Do I get bored eating the same things day in and day out? Nope. Not really. It's just fuel, though it is very tasty. When I do finally get bored, I can easily switch it up... oatmeal w/protein powder instead of greek yogurt, quinoa instead of brown rice, chicken instead of pork, shrimp instead of chicken, etc. Fruits and veggies are all seasonal anyway, so that changes up on its own.

Last night while Bill was bowling, I was cooking & prepping food for post-surgery. The Chicken Enchilasagna is in the freezer, along with 3 loaves of banana bread (they love that stuff!). Sunday I'll be doing the usual prep so I'll have food on-hand throughout the week. I weakened under the begging and purchased a Stouffer's lasagna for them, and it's in the freezer too. I've also printed out directions for cooking all the food, working the dishwasher & washer/dryer, etc. Yes, they all know how to use the dishwasher and clean their clothes, but we ARE talking about a husband and several teenagers. Anything can go wrong.

My crockpots will be seeing much use over the next several weeks. Either I or anyone in the house can load up a crockpot and turn it on. It's easy meal-prep that results in clean & yummy meals for everyone. Here's what's on the menu:

Chicken Enchilasagna (already made & in the freezer, ready for the oven)
BBQ Chicken Legs (one of the kids' favorite meals!) with steamed veggies.
Crockpot Chili Verde with cornbread (I have a clean recipe at home to try)
That'll get us well through the first week plus we'll have lots of yummy leftovers. Next step is to plan out Christmas day food. There will be between 10 and 17 of us for Christmas dinner, and lots of food! :-) Our family will celebrate in the morning and enjoy our traditional decadence, lol. We'll begin with my breakfast burritos, then move on to filled pancakes (they're little pancake puffs with stuff inside like cinnamon/sugar, caramel, chocolate, fruit, etc). Apple cider will be warming in the crockpot, and we'll enjoy our family time. Then later, our extended family (friends) will join us for much more food & fun. I'm really looking forward to it.  :-) 

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