Saturday, December 18, 2010

Post-Surgery BOREDOM

 I'm back. I think I've still got some surgery drugs in my system so if I ramble, I'm blaming that. Lol.  Surgery went well. No complications. Bill and Shiloh took me to the surgery center, and waited for me. The center was well organized and the staff really friendly. I had no issues with the anesthesia, and went out like a light. Woke up numb, and ready to go home. Got the teeth-chatters on the way out, which surprised Bill, but I'd had that before, and it passed shortly. Home and to bed. For some reason I wanted coffee more than anything, and Bill made me a pot.  I sucked down quite a bit of water, too, but the coffee tasted like heaven. 

Tab came by and hung out with me :-) and she brought Despicable Me with her (Thank you Santa!! Lol!).  Later I had some chicken and a few bites of potatoes. The nurses had told me to regularly move my foot around to keep circulation going, and sometime during the night it was hard to move my foot, and I realized it was starting to swell, so I added a pillow under my foot to get it higher than the knee. Did the trick, the swelling disappeared and hasn't returned.

Friday, I got up, cleaned up, had some coffee & hard boiled eggs and was bored mindless by 8am. I took my 2 aleve, but was still numb from surgery, so didn't take any vicodin. I spent the bulk of the day in bed with my leg propped up. The rest of my nutrition was an apple, greek yogurt w/flax seed & berries, then dinner was the crockpot chicken stew/soup.  As I'd passed the 24 hour mark, and hadn't taken any pain meds I got to enjoy a glass of red wine. That was very nice. I had spent the day catching up on season 6 of Desperate Housewives, then Bill and I watched NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, and a few episodes of Chuck last night. Crashed around 10pm. Did I mention I was bored out of my mind by 8am? Lol.

The surgery center called about 3 or 4pm to check on me, and they were surprised I wasn't taking my pain pills yet, that I wasn't feeling any pain yet. Hmmm. Kinda feeling like I know the boogey-man is going to jump out and get me, but I don't know when. I hate waiting for the pain to start.

The numbness didn't wear off until 4:30 this morning. I woke up and felt a little pain, just twinges, and thought "here it comes", so I popped 1 vicodin and re-iced then went back to sleep. But the pain hasn't progressed past those twinges, so I've not taken any more pain pills, other than my aleve. From what I understand, the pain (the real pain) is coming, so I'm a bit anxious about waiting for it. Afraid it'll sneak up on me, but I also don't want to take pain pills I don't need.  I'm still icing, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Still keeping it propped up. I have been up and around, moving, getting cleaned up and dressed every morning. I feel like I'm doing good. My caloric intake is low, but it's all solid nutrition.

Today, I've spent a few minutes on the patio enjoying the  sunshine, washed my hair, tried very hard (and unsuccessfully, again) to remove the betadyne from my leg. Anyone knows how to remove that stuff, please let me know!  Ariel, our oldest, said I look like I got a bad spray tan, lol.
Dinner tonight is  Chicken Enchilasagna. I pulled it out of the freezer yesterday, so it should be ready to pop in the oven tonight.

Thank you, for all the warm wishes and thoughts & prayers. I deeply appreciate it.
Tomorrow I can remove my bandages, then Monday I begin physical therapy.  At the risk of jinxing it, lol, So far so good!

Wow, I really did kinda wander through this post, lol. I blame Thursday's demerol.

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