Monday, December 20, 2010

Post-Surgery Eats

Physical therapy went really well. They were really surprised by my range of motion, general mobility, and lack of pain. I was able to do the full set of exercises they gave me (I was there for 2 hours). It felt terrific! Well, ok, it didn't FEEL terrific, lol, but I felt terrific!  I've been given my daily exercises to do on my own, and a massage technique to help break up scar tissue on my lateral to keep my kneecap loose and where it belongs. I have to say, it does give me the heebie-geebies to roll my kneecap around, lol. And the massage is no fun, really hurts, but it's required so I do it.

I did have a no-grace moment this morning when I was walking from the bedroom into the bathroom and somehow got my right foot tangled in Someone's pajama pants that were on the floor instead of in the hamper. I went tumbling into the bathroom counter, but apparently did no damage to my knee. Yes, the klutz is still here. LOL!

The bruising on and around my knee is slightly more pronounced, and I certainly feel more of it, plus I have this funky zing down my shin bone every so often. The therapist said it was probably a tweaked nerve and will go away when the swelling goes down. I'm looking forward to that.

My food... well, the  Chicken Enchilasagna is just a fond memory, lol. The family gobbled that up quick :-)  My chicken stew from a few nights ago will be my dinner again tonight, as Shiloh is cooking up a chicken alfredo deal for the rest of the fam. I've been enjoying my greek yogurt with ground flax & fresh berries, my hard boiled eggs and apples, my grapefruits, bananas, and steamed veggies. My caloric intake is definitely low, but I'm ok with that for now. As I get more active, I'll add more calories. Shiloh and I went on a quick Whole Foods run today to get a new supplement, so I picked up a Thai Chicken wrap for lunch. I ate half, plus a bowl of steamed veggies, then later had a banana.

My supplements... I'm back on the Fish Oil/Flax/Borage pills, the calcium, and the Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM. My therapist added a new one today, to help fight inflammation and get my swelling down... Hyaluronic Acid.

So, that's my update :-)  

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