Thursday, December 30, 2010

There are Snowballs in Hell!

It's Official!   There are snowballs in Hell! It's snowing, in Scottsdale! LOL! How crazy is that? It's actually snowing! I looked out my window and thought, that's funny looking rain, stepped outside and couldn't believe it! We have snow! :-D

I put together my new "door gym" (pullup bar) last night and tried it out. Awesome! So excited! I've never done regular pullups, just the ones on the assisted pullup machine at the gym. I surprised myself by doing 4! I'm looking forward to being able to start my P90X :-) 

I feel great today. I've gone up and down the stairs (normally!) several times. I'll do my exercises later today. So far I've spent the day alternating between working (my incredible boss has allowed me to work from home while I'm recuperating) and studying. I'm hoping to hit the grocery store in a couple hours, and I'm really hoping to do the driving!

Bad news... the hubby is sick. He got slammed by a cold/flu yesterday, and is laid low today. I love him beyond words, and hate that he feels bad, but if he gets me sick I'm gonna have to take him out. Lol. I've got him dosing on EmergenC, and resting. On my grocery list is lots of fluids for him. And lots more Grapefruit for me! We're having crazy weather here in AZ. Well, we're having weather. Lol. Rain, wind, freezing temps. Almost like it's winter!   Weird! Hopefully we'll not have sickness sweep through the house. 

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