Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where'd November Go?

Is it just me or did November go by awfully quick? Wow. Welcome to December! Not quite so cold this morning... my coffee took 10 minutes to go cold, lol.

I'm STILL waiting to get the details for my surgery. The doctor's office gave me his price (upfront, gulp!), and referred me to the surgery center to get theirs, but the surgery center referred me back because they don't have my paperwork. So very frustrating. I've got another call into the gal at my doctor's office, and hopefully this will be settled quickly so I can know for sure I'm having surgery on the 16th (purely an upfront money deal).

If I am, I need to prep the house and family... cook and freeze extra food, etc. If I don't, left on their own, my family will live on pizza while I'm down, and there's no way I'm going through recovery with the scent of pepperoni pizza in the house. I plan on making a batch of the Chicken Enchilasagna and freezing that, maybe a batch of my Leftover Turkey Burrochiladas, too. I'll have the recipes and supplies for Shiloh (who wants to cook some of the meals) for Tomato Soup, Taco Salad, Crockpot Chicken... that kind of thing. Easy stuff they can forage for without me having to put it together for them. I think my diet will be heavy on the greek yogurt & soup style stuff. I don't do well with solid food after general anesthesia, so I'll make sure I'm stocked up on that. I'm really not sure how long I'll be down. The kneecap is generally 3-5 days before I'm up and around, but with the lateral release, the recovery could be greatly extended. I'll find out more when I have my pre-op appt (week before surgery).  [fyi, all the recipes I mentioned are on the recipe page -click to view]

I'm a planner. Ok, I'm a ridiculously anal retentive planner. Everything from food to housekeeping to where I'll be sleeping during recovery is up in the air while I'm waiting to get all the insurance/out of pocket info. Part of feeling like I have some semblance of control is tied up in my planning. If I can't plan, I feel out of control. I'm feeling very out of control.

**Random info :-)  Current favorite holiday song... Gettin' In The Mood (For Christmas) by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.   Way too fun! :-D

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