Thursday, January 13, 2011

4-Week Post-Knee Surgery Checkup

  Today was my 4-week post-knee surgery doctor appointment. And the doctor said...

Shock and Awe!

Ok, his face said that, not his mouth. Lol.  What he did say was that he was astounded at my progress! I have "no" swelling (the lateral release causes extreme and long term swelling which I do NOT have), "amazing" range of motion, and even my scars are beyond excellent! At one point he was at a loss for words!  I am released from physical therapy, and have no limitations on my activity! He said I was months ahead of where I "should" be! Yay!!!!! Obviously, I must exercise common sense (stop if something hurts), but I'm cleared! Wooohoo! AND I don't have to take the daily Aleve anymore, either!

Oh, I am banned from the leg extension machine for life (because of my patella condition). But I can live without that. :-)

So, one might wonder... why was/is my progress so different from most patients? I believe it's a combination of having an incredible surgeon, fabulous physical therapists, I did the home exercises, and I provided my body with high quality fuel (lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.  I believe these are why I had/have such outstanding results.

Time for the shout-out :-)  Taking their place in my book next to The World's Greatest Trainer (Tabitha Citro), are:

Dr. Richard Martin (aka The World's Greatest Knee Doctor/Surgeon) and Matt & Angela, at AZ Bone & Joint.

Tad Pieczynski (aka TheWorld's Greatest Physical Therapist) and Group at Physiotherapy Associates 

I am very thankful.

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