Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And I'm Back in the Game! Woooohoo!

 1st Exercise class since knee surgery! Last night I attended Tab's Total Body Conditioning class and it went great! There are, of course, things I can't do (yet), but with modification the class was a success for me! It does make a HUGE difference that Tab's such a great teacher, too :-) After class,
I went home and got dinner on the table (another experiment turned success), then used the foam roller on my leg (IT band and lateral scar tissue) then did my daily kneecap manipulation and massage. I woke this morning wonderfully sore (not too much) and excited!

With any luck, I will hit the gym after work to do some elliptical work, then home for dinner. The only thing that might interfere is I have to call my insurance company to send out an adjuster. Someone hit my car yesterday in the parking lot :-( I'm not going to think about it because it makes me mad/sad. Moving on... I hope to attend Yoga on thursday morning! :-) Progress is awesome!

Food yesterday was great. If you didn't know, I log all my food daily and post it on Today's Cooler. The log includes photos. Often, I'll include my fitday.com info (calories and nutrient ratios). Today's food is up, and here's what it looks like. Chelle's clean eating food for the day

I've updated the Recipe page with last night's "Breaded" chicken, Cheesy Rice, and a guiltless microwave protein cupcake with fudge sauce that must be tried. Trust me, you'll thank me later.  :-)

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