Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Beauty Products

So... let's talk "girl".  (sorry guys, this one isn't for you). Due to financial constraints, my hair coloring appt is now 4 weeks overdue (can you say roots?). As I was looking in the mirror this morning, I decided to not focus on what I don't like right now (again, roots), and chose to focus on what I do like... I was putting on my makeup and was reminded of how much I love my foundation brush, and my eye shadow brush, my eyeliner... and it occurred to me that many of the girly products I own, I never would have found on my own (Thank you, Tab!!).

I've never been a girly-girl. Tom-boy Chelle, that's me. Then Tab introduced me to the golden, sparkly mecca of Sephora. [cue trumpets].   Over the last few years, I've discovered some fabulous products and tools, and thought I'd share those with you if you're interested. And of course, any products & tools YOU can recommend to ME would be appreciated, too!   :-)
I'll start from the bottom layer up...

The POREfessional
 the Porefessional by Benefit
It took Tab a full year to convince me to try this, but once I did, it became a staple in my beauty-box. It really does minimize the appearance of pores. It's got a smooth & silky feel, and doesn't clog up my skin.  $28 at Sephora

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Concealer/Shadow Base by Urban Decay
It really works! I was Doubting Thomas on this one, but the product proved itself! My eye shadow lasts all day!
$18 at Sephora  (I also really love their eye-shadows! Sin is a favorite!)

Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55

The Sephora Professional Platinum Air Brush #55 

This brush makes applying foundation easy! I love it!! I've had mine for 2 years, clean it regularly, and it's still in perfect shape! An excellent investment!  $34 at Sephora

Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Eye Tutorial ($110 Value)
Lorac: Close Up Eye Tutorial
This fabulous kit includes eyeshadow, primer, eyeliner, dual mascara and an awesome double ended brush. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Santa put this little beauty in my stocking this year :-)
The tutorial includes photos & detailed instructions to create a "natural" look, a "cat eye", and "smoky eye". 
$36 at Sephora

Benefit's Boi-ing (I use #2 in the spring, fall & winter, and #3 in the summer). This, my friends, is the holy grail. Boi-ing. It will cover anything. And everything. It is amazing. Second only to Makeup Forever's Full Cover Concealer (which runs $30, nearly twice the price!).  
$18 at Sephora

LE CRAYON KHÔL - Smoky EyeLiner

Le Crayon Khol Pencil by Lancôme

The Black Coffee pencil is my absolute favorite. It goes on super easy, and lasts forever. (I also really like their lip liners and juicy tubes lipgloss... and their eye makeup remover is the best I've ever tried.)
$24.50 at Sephora or any Lancôme counter. 

Ojan Rub-out Dry Cleanser (Hair)
This is awesome stuff and they sell a little one ($10) that goes perfectly in my gym bag. You just spray, spread it through your roots, wait a few minutes, then brush it out. Done. My girls love this too, and I had to get them their own for Christmas. $10 or $24.50 for the large bottle. Available at Sephora.

As to the rest of my makeup... what I wear depends on my current cash-flow situation, lol. When there's extra money, I love Lancôme and Makeup Forever foundations. If there's itty-bitty monies, I buy Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. [fyi- if you like Maybelline, here's a GREAT place to purchase at a discount!]

So there's my girly-girl favorite products list :-) 

My knee is feeling great. I handled the heels yesterday just fine :-)  Of course, I do have a desk job, so I'm not walking around in them all day, but still! My physical therapy appt is at 4:15, and     then doctor tomorrow at 9. Cross your fingers!

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  1. I loved reading this list. I haven't used many of these products and so I look forward trying them out as soon as I can. The Sephora air brush is of particular interest.