Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Leg Day Since Surgery!

Ok, leg day, done! My first leg day post-surgery. Went well. Had some issues, but that's to be expected. Basically I took a physical therapy session and tweaked it into a workout. I burned 542 calories. Strangely, my gym doesn't have ankle weights (really?) so I had to get creative. I took a red resistance tube and a 12 lb body bar, looped one end under the bar and used that to hold it in place while I wrapped the tube around my foot to create resistance for my straight leg lifts. Worked out pretty darn well.

Had an issue with my squat touches though. You stand, one foot on a step, the other held flat footed hanging. Then you lower that hanging foot to touch the floor (flat footed), but you don't move your hips. The only movement your hanging leg gets is from the bend (squat) of the leg on the step. This is a challenge for me. After the first couple were brutally painful, I switched my step for a small yoga block. I did fine on that, though it wasn't fun, lol. I was really disappointed to have to switch from the step to the block. But I had to keep reminding myself, I'm rehabbing. It's ok. I'll get there.

My session on the leg press went really good, and I think next time I can up my weight on that. Post workout I had a bit of chicken breast and a few clean pretzel sticks, not much but enough to refuel (I was on the run). Now I've iced, I've hydrated, I'm refueled and overall feel pretty good :-)

Tonight we're hanging out at my father-in-law's house to play pool. I'm in charge of picking up a birthday cake for a friend, so I'll have to find something for me, too... maybe some fresh fruit. I could have the treat and eat the cake, but honestly, I'm not much for cake. anyway. I'd rather have the fruit.

Speaking of treats, Bill and I had our date-night last night. We went to our favorite place, Blue Adobe (mexican food). I tried the special, Ancho rubbed salmon. It was... "meh".  Just ok. My "treat" (other than restaurant food in general) was a Sangria Margarita. Serious yummage.
Tomorrow I'm hitting the gym in the morning for back & biceps, some abs, and cardio (no HIIT for sure!) After that, it's grocery shopping, then my usual food prep and chaos. :-)  I'll plan out my menu for next week later this evening.

And on to my favorite topic, lol, The Arnold! As it turns out, I'll be rooming with Traweaver! Yay! And... she's driving in, so she's bringing a cooler for the room! If we don't get that fridge I requested, we're still set! She's also doing some protein prep, and will bring hard boiled eggs and such in the cooler. We'll hit up that market and have clean eats throughout the weekend! This is going to be so much fun!

Many of us have people in our lives who aren't exactly supportive of our clean eating and exercise lifestyles. It's hard, I know. If you've followed my blog for awhile, you've read about my own struggles with such people. I've learned to not let them affect me, hurt me. Even so, I have to say that I'm really, really looking forward to the synergy of being in the same physical space as others with like-lifestyles. People who "get it" and don't hassle me over working out, or eating clean. That sounds a little silly, doesn't it? But I'm looking forward to no one looking at me funny when it's time to eat, or when I pull out my cooler for a clean snack.

I'm off to prep for this evening. Gotta plan out those eats :-)

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