Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Healthy Food & a Car Wreck

I am deliciously sore! :-) Woohoo! It feels so great to be back to my favorite activities! I have no pain in my knee or quad from the exercise I've done this week, so I'm moving forward. Today after work I'll be hitting the gym with my workout buddy, the WGT (World's Greatest Trainer) Tab, and we're doing upper body. I'm excited! :-D

I tried a couple new recipes last night, and they were both hits. You can find them on the recipe page. The Lemon-Dijon Panko Chicken was super tasty, and the Mac & Cheese Light was surprisingly full of flavor (no butter, no cream - hence the surprise, lol). I'll be having some of the chicken for my dinner tonight, post-workout.

Today's cooler is posted, and pre-dinner I'm at 1285 calories.
Chelle's daily cooler contents - 1285 calories

Nakki, our 4 year old boxer, has been super cuddly lately. Last night she decided to be Shiloh's couch buddy...
Shiloh Jacoby and Nakki

And on another note... I think my car is cursed! Last week, somebody swiped the side in the parking lot. It was horrible to walk out to my car after work and discover the damage. We called the insurance company and they sent me over to get an estimate. Technically, it's a hit and run, which means I get to pay for it. Well, the deductible anyway. I was stunned to discover it was $1,500 worth of damage! I'm only responsible for the $500 deductible, but YIKES!  Then, the shop can't start work until March (which gives me time to come up with the money, lol) because they're overrun with all the hail damage repair work (we had a heinous hale storm a while back). So I'm stuck driving around with a scraped up car. :-(

Well it gets worse. I'm driving home last night, and I'm in line stopped at a light, waiting to turn right, when an elderly gentleman in a very large beige car decided to drive out the apartment driveway (on my right) without looking first. Yep. He got me. Drove right into my passenger rear. He felt horrible, I felt horrible that he felt so horrible. And my car is messed up. I filed my claim, my insurance company is talking to his insurance company, and I have to go back to the body shop for another estimate. <sigh>. 

My car mash :-(


  1. Sorry to hear about your car, Chelle. I am always amazed at how much car repairs cost.

  2. That stinks 2 in a week. Looking forward to trying out the panko chicken. lucea

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