Saturday, January 22, 2011

Honoring John's Lessons

Our family said goodbye today to a dear friend. One thing commented on repeatedly at the memorial service was that no one ever heard John complain. 8 1/2 years of cancer, over 100 chemo treatments, over 200 radiation treatments. He never complained. John firmly believed that life is a gift, and should be lived to the fullest. He did that. Every day. His life taught me much, and his absence is deeply felt.

I have often found myself getting lost in the details of life, sometimes forgetting that "gift". It's easy to allow myself to be overwhelmed, and hard to let go. John's lessons have helped me over the last couple years to adjust to my new lifestyle, and deal with personal stresses. His health has made me appreciate my own. His outlook has helped me reshape mine.

Four years ago, I began a total lifestyle change. It started with a desire to lose weight, to get healthy. It evolved into a passion for nutrition and fitness. That lifestyle change rebooted my life. The process wasn't easy, wasn't fast. I learned new things, I lost friends, gained more.  I live a fuller life than I did before. Clean eating and fitness, these have made my life infinitely better. Respecting and nurturing my body, my health, have led to a greater appreciation for the vast experiences life has to offer.

The way John fought his war helped me fight my battles, changing the way I view them. When my body is hurt and worn down, I don't have to drag myself out of bed... I get to. When I'm tired and unmotivated, I don't have to go to the gym... I get to. When it's easier to order pizza, I don't have to cook my family a nutritious meal... I get to. When faced with opposition and rejection, I don't have to allow it to hold me down or break me... I get to find inner strength and peace. 

In my small way, I can apply the lessons of a great man. 

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  1. He sounds like a wonderful man to have had the privaledge to call your friend! We can learn alot from him about the importance of our attitudes and outlooks.