Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Lesser of Two Evils...

Catch-up for yesterday... Physical therapy went awesome! I'm making big strides in my rehab, and Monday they'll do an assessment :-) I've graduated from the NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) and don't need it anymore (yay!). 

Taco Bell Hard Taco FrescoFrom there, I went to the bowling alley to watch the guys (league night). Given the choice of not eating or eating take-out, I chose the lesser of two evils. I had 2 Taco Bell hard taco frescos, and while they're not clean eating, they're were better than not eating at all. My calories yesterday ended up at 1203, but my ratios left a bit to be desired. Rather than my goal 33/33/33, I had 29/33/38 (29% of my calories were from protein, 33% carbs, and 38% fat). So while I did hit my calorie goal, I should have had my trusty cooler with me rather than doing Taco Bell.

Today I forgot to toss my grains in my cooler (oops!), and my calories show it. I do have errands to run at lunch, so I may pick up a Seeds of Change microwave packet of grains to give my nutrition a boost. I'm struggling to eat all my meals, often skipping snacks or dinner. I'm just not hungry. I've decided to not force it. The food I'm eating (with the noted exception of last night's TB) is all whole, clean and solid nutrition, so I'll listen to my body, and increase as it's called for.

**update - I picked up some brown/wild rice and added that to my lunch.**

Food has been updated on the Cooler Page (including my nutrition ratios).

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