Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look Ma! Heels!

Physical Therapy went fantastic! They increased my weight on the leg press, added new exercises, and are pleased with my progress. My assessment was great, and better than expected. Shoes with heels! Post-Knee-Surgery progress!I have one more session tomorrow, then my doctor's appt
is on Thursday morning. I was also given the go-ahead to ease back into heels (yippeeeeee!), but cautioned to go a little at a time. I pulled out a pair today with a solid wedge heel and lots of support, and had no problem with them! So far, so good! I know it's silly, but I really miss my shoes! LOL! And yes, my trusty sketchers are in my purse, just in case.

Food today is on track. I haven't done fitday (my nutrient breakdown & ratios) this week since I can't figure the info on my breakfast  bowl (it's the leftover filling from the batch of breakfast burritos I made Bill and the kids on Sunday).

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