Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Progress!

My calories yesterday ended up on the low side (under 1200). My activity is low, and my ratios are good, so at 1144 I consider it close enough. Today if I get in all my cooler meals and snacks, I'll be at 1161 calories,  plus dinner which should bump me up around 1300-1400.   Food for today is up on the Cooler Page.

During my physical therapy exercises last night, I was doing my lying quad stretches (see photo below). This exercise has been consistently difficult and painful for me because of the lateral release (which is also why it's so important, lol). Well... last night I was able to touch my heel to my butt! Wooohoo! I was also able to do down-dog and up-dog! Slowly but surely, I'm gonna get back to 100%. Hopefully more surely than slowly :-)

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