Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Progress!

After picking up Bethany at the airport (and the required Starbucks stop), we came home and I did my exercises. The first major progress was that I didn't have to do the foam roller before the donkey kicks. The lateral of the quad is still tight and painful, but it was to a much lesser degree. I finished up all my physical therapy work, then did the foam roller (OUCH).
And then I wondered.... I had tried it before, and received much pain for my foolhardy efforts. But... could I try again? Should I? (ok, when has THAT ever stopped me? LOL!)
So I tried it. Dancer Pose.
52778.jpg (400×400)
AND I DID IT!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!  I was able to hold the pose for 5 seconds!!!!

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