Friday, January 28, 2011

Researching for the Arnold...

I'm continuing my research for my trip to the Arnold. Neither of my hotel rooms has a refrigerator (booo), but I've requested one for the room I'll be in the longest. Hopefully, that'll come through for me. I found a fabulous market just steps from the Convention Center. It's called North Market, and looks to be a cross between Whole foods and a Farmer's Market. Awesome! I'll be able to walk over from the Expo and pick up some clean eats for my travel cooler.

I'm taking one of the guys' coolers with me. My trusty igloo playmate won't be the best choice for this trip, and a collapsible one will fit nicely in my carry-on.  I'll be able to refill it daily with clean food (hopefully from that market). With any luck, I'll have a mini fridge to fill, too.
I'll be packing my oatmeal/protein powder/flax in baggies, so breakfast will be a no brainer. Southwest and TSA assure me that I can take along fresh fruit, too. I don't want to make protein powder my go-to source for that trip, so I'll be looking for a clean lean protein at that market. If all else fails, I'll take a taxi to the nearest Whole Foods and see if they'll grill me up some meat. Hmmm, maybe I'll put in a call to be sure they do that. Mine here does, but that's no guarantee they do. Ok, that's on my to-do list.  :-)   I want to avoid relying on restaurants, as I have no control over the sodium. How much would it suck to show up at this amazing event, and get sodium bloat? No thank you! Lol!

I also need to find an outfit for the special dinner we've been invited to (Traweaver and I). While I'd love to hit the mall (and Nordstrom, Bebe, Guess), that's really not in the budget, so I'll be heading over to My Sister's Closet and My Secret consignment shops. They've always got amazing evening/dinner wear. Then of course, I have to find shoes. Oh dear, shoe shopping. Okay, twist my arm. I'll do it. LOL!

My workouts are going well.. I'm so very glad to be back in the gym! My quad did end up swelling some after Wednesday's cardio :-(  but icing it helped. Yesterday was Chest and Triceps. I'm a 36-hour girl... I hit the peak of my "sore" 36 hrs post workout. The way I'm feeling right now, I doubt very much I'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow, lol! I'll be moving my arms like T-Rex :-)  Today will be my first "Leg-Day" post surgery, so wish me luck!

No cooler today, since I work from home on Friday's, but food is all  similar to my previous days. Greek Yogurt, tenderloin, veggies, etc. I love that I don't really have to think about it, I can just reach in and grab what I need from the fridge. :-) Planning clean burgers for dinner tonight. Mine will be a lettuce wrap (I'd rather have oven fries than a bun ANY day! ).
So today... work, lift, cardio, car damage estimate, and hopefully a foray into the consignment shops :-)   Happy Friday!


  1. this is me... wishing you luck... may it all be good! (with leg-day).
    researching were you are going is an excellent way to hold to the EC principle of being prepared! you're such a wise woman!! I must be too... :-) i do the same thing, though my family may not call is wise and perhaps a little more towards anal! but hey what do they know! have they lost 65 lbs and kept it off... oh no they didn't! have a great day...

  2. Thanks Lynn!! :-D
    Yep, my family calls it anal, too! LOL! I make up binders for all "events", from vacations, to holidays, to surgery prep & recovery, to... The Arnold! LOL! I've got my binder keeping me organized and on track. My hubby said last night, "I'm surprised you don't have a binder for this yet." To which I reached into my backpack and pulled it out :-) "Should have known!" he said. he he he!
    I prefer your word for it... wise :-)

  3. How do you feel about "binder psycho"? lol Just kidding!

    I love that you are so prepared! I am beyond thrilled for you and the Arnoldfest! (that's not the name of it, is it?) I think that's such a great opportunity for you and it'll be so much fun. Please take a ton of pictures while you're there so we can get a hugely-detailed blog entry after your return.

    It's crazy how March isn't really all that far away!

    P.S. Shouldn't there be a binder section on this site so we can see what all goes into each binder? Not that I would use that to make fun of you or anything... :)

  4. LOL! I can work with Binder Psycho! Hahaha! :-)