Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Food Prep - DONE!

Sunday Food Prep and The Counter of Chaos were completed yesterday :-)  At one point, my youngest came rushing in asking asking what smelled so good and could she eat it "right now!". Lol!

Here's the dinner menu for the week:

  Sunday dinner - breakfast burritos (the family insisted, lol).  I'll explain below.

  Monday dinner - Clean "breaded" chicken with steamed broccoli and cheesy (clean) brown rice.
 Tuesday dinner - Maple Soy Glazed Beef with steamed green beans and mashed potatoes (I'm also mashing cauliflower as an alternative for me).
  Wednesday dinner - leftovers/bowling night
  Thursday dinner  - Honey Glazed Pork Loin with Chipotle smashed sweet potatoes and steamed asparagus.
  Friday dinner - Pizza (yep! It's clean!)
  Saturday dinner - Tacos (yep, those are clean too!)

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack foods - The boys (hubby and his dad) wanted my breakfast burritos this week instead of sandwiches so I made several batches yesterday. I froze all but a dozen, and those I served as dinner last night. The scent of the bacon was too much for my family and they wanted then NOW! LOL!

Here's what I prepped:
Protein: Baked chicken breast, browned 2 lbs of lean beef for tacos. Settled the London Broil into it's Maple-Soy marinade, and another batch of chicken breasts in low-fat buttermilk to prep for breading. Additional proteins: Greek Yogurt (2% Chobani, plain); Lowfat Cottage Cheese.
Veggies: Steamer bags for my lunches: broccoli & cauliflower; zucchini & yellow squash; snow peas & cherry tomatoes; green beans.  Steamer bags for dinners: green beans; asparagus; broccoli; cauliflower.
Fruit: Gala apples; bananas; grapefruit; oranges, blueberries, blackberries.
Grains: Brown Rice.

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