Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday: It's a Day of the Week, NOT a Special Occasion

Last night was bowling night... while I don't bowl right now (knee), I do still go hang out with my guys. While there I found myself watching what people were eating and drinking, and thought back over my Wednesday-Bowling-Night-Food Evolution...
When I began my weight loss journey, I was already spending every Wednesday night at the bowling alley. It's league night.  For my group that meant pizza, fries and beer. Lots of beer. This was something my beleaguered trainer had to work around while trying to teach me about good nutrition and kicking my butt in the gym. 

I justified my pizza, fries & beer by saying it was bowling night, like it was a special occasion worthy of a treat/cheat. It wasn't. It arrived every week. That's not special. As I progressed, I (slowly) realized that my Wednesday night bowling debauchery wasn't helping me progress. Especially when added to my weekend cheats (which were allowed).

Wanting to get healthy & lose the weight more than I wanted the crappy food, I cleaned it up in stages. First, I quit drinking beer (on Wednesday nights). Yeah, I took a lot of ribbing on that from the guys. Still do, actually. I stuck to diet soda, then moved on to pure water (usually with lemon in it). Then I swapped the pizza for a grilled chicken wrap, and eventually dropped bowling alley food altogether in favor of my handy cooler.

It happened over time, not overnight., but cleaning up my midweek habits helped my long-term goals get realized. Nowadays I do enjoy a rare bowling alley treat, but it's certainly not a habit. Last night, I had my cooler-dinner of leftover "breaded chicken" with a string cheese & raw red pepper sticks. Then I swiped a few of my daughter's french fries :-)

There's nothing wrong with treats. My point is to examine when we're treating ourselves, and with what. Is it really an "occasion"? Or is just an excuse for self indulgent & destructive food behavior?  If that's the case, then it's time to take control. Put "Wednesday" back in it's place. Plan your food, eat clean, and watch yourself progress.

What are some easily portable meals/snacks you can take along for weekly events? Anything that doesn't require heating up will work! Wraps, sandwiches, salads, yogurt, chopped veggies, fruit, cheese... there are tons of options!

My cooler truly goes with me everywhere. School track meets, Parent Meetings, Bowling night... even midnight movie premiers! People who know me always ask, "What's in there today/tonight?" and often want me to share! Real Food tastes great, and it's portable :-)
  Clean Meals Clean Meals  

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