Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Me?? Wow!!

Awesome day! Had my Lucy & Ethel time at the mall with Tab :-) Lots of fun! We did however break pattern and found ourselves discombobulated for quite some time. You see, when we go to the mall, we always start with lunch, then go to Godiva, and our trip always ends in Sephora.  This time we started with shopping and browsing, hit up Sephora, then got lunch an hour or two later, and were just in general quite turned around. Lol.  We didn't really recover until we found our way into Godiva.   :-D

Today held another awesome event for me. You might remember that way back when (March 2009), I was interviewed on a podcast by my friend, Arlene Pellicane. Arlene is a motivational speaker and author, as well as a fantastic woman. Her book, 31 Days to a Younger You has just been released and I'm in it! How cool is that???  :-)  In her blog, she's currently highlighting the "days" of the book through the month of January, and today was Day 21... and there I am! Before and after photos, too!  Check it out! 

And check out her book, too! :-)


  1. I'm so glad you're in my book Chelle! You are an inspiration to others!

  2. well how cool is that! congratulations.