Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1300 Calorie Cooler

Last night after work I headed to Total Body Conditioning class.. Awesome workout! Unfortunately, my knee protested the rest of the night. A huge disappointment to me, but I have to expect times like that. It gave me some real trouble in yoga this morning, so after cardio tonight I will be icing it like a popsicle, lol.

Dinner was fantastic, and I ended up having 9 people around my table instead of the expected 6, lol. The two lobster tails had to stretch, and I think everyone ended up with about a tablespoon or two of lobster. :-)  But there was plenty of the beef tenderloin (I used the maple-soy marinade from here), chipotle mashed sweet potatoes, snow crab legs and steamed asparagus. Dessert for me was a piece of Godiva :-) Yummy!

Today my cooler holds 1300 calories with 39% of them from carbs, 34% from protein, and 27% from fat. Right on track. With dinner, my intake will probably be right around 1500-1600 total calories.

Chelle's clean eating cooler - 1300 calories, Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011
Here's what you're seeing:
Breakfast -
   Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon plus a grapefruit. 
Snack 1
2 hard boiled eggs & an apple  
 -   5 oz Pork Tenderloin, 1/2 cup brown rice, 2 cups steamed green beans
Snack 2 - 1 cup greek yogurt (2% chobani) with 1/2 cup blackberries  
 - (not shown or on fitday yet) Panko Dijon chicken (see recipe) with steamed veggies.

***NOTE: Coolers for Bill and his dad (not pictured): Sandwich (Whole Wheat bread w/sliced grilled chicken breast (from Sunday food prep), lettuce, tomato, cheddar, honey mustard), 2 string cheese, pear-apple, 2 hard boiled eggs.

Comments... I'm not thrilled with the comment option here on blogger, though it may be that I'm blog challenged, lol. But if you're looking for comments made about posts, and replies to them, under each post is a grey box with links including a tiny little word: "comments". Click on that to view them. Here's a photo of the box:
where to find the blogger comments
I bring this up because someone asked me yesterday if I prep my fish when I do the rest of my Sunday prep. The answer is, Sometimes. Lol! If I'll be using the fish before Tues/Wed, I'll go ahead and prep it. If it's not going to be made until later in the week, I'll keep it frozen, but I will prep the rest of the ingredients. In this case, I'm doing a pecan-crusted Halibut... the pecans are crushed and the seasonings mixed, and they're all in little baggies ready to be used.  The Tilapia doesn't require any prep, as I'll just drizzle some flavored olive oil and Mrs Dash over it then bake or grill. 

And if anyone is blog-smart and knows how to make the comments actually appear without clicking on that nearly invisible link, PLEASE let me know! :-D  

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Hello!

    The link is only that color of gray when it's a visited link. As a new link it's a bright blue.
    When I viewed the source of the blog, it shows that your visited links are 888888, so you should change that to... something brighter?

    In Blogger, if you go to your Dashboard and click Design (which should be one of the links along with New Post, Edit, etc.) there's a button on the Design page that says Edit HTML... you can play with the CSS there and see if that works... otherwise just ctrl+f through for the word visited and edit those.

    Hope that helps...

    I did also have a food question. I'm pretty sure the wheat bread sandwich you mentioned for Bill's cooler is the first mention of bread here... do you ever eat sandwiches, or do you prefer wraps?

  2. LOL! Thanks :-)
    Bread... I am not much of a bread eater, you're right. However, my family LOVES bread. When I have time, I make my own (here's the recipe: http://billandchelle.com/fitness/recipes.html#Maple_seeded_bread), but for regular everyday, I purchase EarthGrains EcoGrains Whole Wheat bread. For store-bought, it's pretty darn good :-)

    Occasionally, I'll make a wrap. They're handy for bowling league night when I need a quick portable dinner.

    My bread recommendations can be found here: http://billandchelle.com/fitness/bread.html

    and my current tortilla/wrap pick is Ole Mexican Foods Extreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb wrap (that's a long name! Lol!).

    Both the bread and the wraps are available at my local Walmart, while only the bread is available in my local grocery.

  3. Somehow it seems odd to me that bread can be hand-crafted. :) Being born in 1987, you tend to think that it's only made by machines in factories with colorful logos that say things like WONDER.

    In any case, very neat stuff about the breads. I've always been a huge bread fan but I've only recently learned that white bread is actually stripped of everything nutritious in its processing (which casts doubt on that whole "white is the combination of every other color" thing, right?).

    I've been in the market for some new lunch foods and wraps seem like a pretty good alternative.

    Thanks again :) Can't wait to see you guys in May! We miss you!